humans with forked tongues

so yeah i got called out and i was a jerk

and im sorry

also thanks to jess repko for cheering me up tonight and being a rad person

michellemeows replied to your post: crazy weekend

you and those setlists :p 

how many do you have?

crazy weekend

friday night an old friend stayed over

saturday i was out til 5 am with friends, we played pool and went to a bar that had people stripping (some place called The Republican). it was a lot cooler than i thought it’d be because they just described it to me as a “titty bar”. strippers are awesome and if you don’t respect strippers then fuck you. that shit is art

then i had to get up hella early on sunday (11am is hella early to me after barely sleeping for two nights) to work at the Dinosaurium with Becca (who was also out with me that night before and was also tired) but we just sat there and listened to music

and then i went to the D-Clone show last night and fuck that show was amazing, and i was tired, and drank half of a 40 pretty fast, and i was kind of out of it. but yeah, shit ruled, D-Clone > Discharge

all my plans fell through





ill drive anywhere within an hour from the philly burbz

ugh I MISS MAC AND CHREESE SO MUCH. and pizza. and um everything ha

i would too :\

come to kutztown and gimme all of that :333 lulz

you cmmere. we’ll make mac n chreese with daiya, extra nooch, and earth balance haha

just dropped 30 bucks at Martindales on:

grape chia seed kombucha (why do most people hate chia seed kombucha?)




mac n chreese

and earth balance

im happy :3

crucial hangz anyone?

i seriously think like my IQ is getting lower and stuff because i watch too much beavis and butthead huhhuh