humans with forked tongues

download me and up the punx

ugh I MISS MAC AND CHREESE SO MUCH. and pizza. and um everything ha

i would too :\

come to kutztown and gimme all of that :333 lulz

you cmmere. we’ll make mac n chreese with daiya, extra nooch, and earth balance haha

just dropped 30 bucks at Martindales on:

grape chia seed kombucha (why do most people hate chia seed kombucha?)




mac n chreese

and earth balance

im happy :3

crucial hangz anyone?

i seriously think like my IQ is getting lower and stuff because i watch too much beavis and butthead huhhuh

do you think they would hire someone to work weekends? how many hours are they giving you?

not many but im not available many hours. and yeah, try and apply. LOL there’d be 3 punx workin there then, me and Becca want to have shows there somehow hahaha

so i got a new job at a dinosaur museum for kids in the granite run mall

so rad

i sat there and did nothing for 3 hours after school, and read some for my one class

starting pay is 9 bucks an hour


sometimes i feel like everyone thinks i’m really lame and annoying, or if they don’t that they eventually will feel that way. and like usually i don’t care about those things, but sometimes i care.. and i hate when i care about it. i guess it’s all part of my anxiety. i just got to remember those who don’t think i’m lame are the ones that matter. and that if one day everyone hates me i can just meet new people and start the process all over again

this has been a post